City of Rochester/Mayo Civic Center Values, Principles & Standards

Customer Service Standards January, 2012

Customer Focus: Meeting the needs of internal and external customers while balancing the community’s varying interests; providing quality services in a professional manner; listening to and anticipating customers’ needs; delivering services accurately and timely; serving all customers fairly and equally; establishing and maintaining effective relationships.

Identify, plan for, and support customer needs.

  • I will be knowledgeable about my department’s services and my responsibilities within it.
  • As services change, I will adapt to find solutions.
  • I will comply with the established minimum criteria for standard operational procedures (checklists, guide sheets, etc.)
  • I will make established informational resources available in my area of responsibility to keep customers current. Examples: Handouts, workshops, service directories, web sites, press releases, public notices, directional signs, etc.
  • I will proactively seek out improvements where necessary.
 Seek and consider input from our customers to continually improve services.
  • I will use community involvement activities, feedback surveys, and input from customers.
  • I will actively and respectfully listen to customers’ needs.
  • After a negative call or situation, I will debrief with my immediate supervisor and evaluate options for procedural improvements.
 Treat every customer well.
  • I will be respectful, empathetic, and solution oriented.
  • I will ask the customer if their needs were met.
  • I will interact with customers in the most personal and professional manner possible.
Respect: Treating all people with respect; valuing diverse perspectives; recognizing and encouraging individual needs, aspirations and capabilities; providing an equitable and supportive environment for a multicultural workforce and community; promoting human rights; mutual respect and courtesy; applying principles of equal employment opportunity. 

Treat customers in a personal and professional manner while being firm, fair and compassionate.
  • I will use a moderate tone.
  • I will greet customers in a friendly manner.
  • I will be tolerant and patient.
  • I will treat customers with dignity, courtesy, and kindness.
 Be an active listener to the customer.
  • I will focus on the issue and will listen without interrupting in a normal courteous conver-sation.
  • I will repeat what I heard to verify understanding and clarify expectations.
  • I will explain policies and procedures relating to the request and ask if there are questions.
  • I will take notes or complete an intake form to avoid forgetting what needs to be done as a result of our conversation.
  • I will respectfully end lengthy, harassing or offensive conversations.
  • I will be aware and respectful of differences in cultures and abilities.
 Maintain a work environment that is free of disrespect and false information.
  • I will not gossip.
  • I will share information in a way that enhances professional relationships.
Integrity: Building trust and confidence by demonstrating honest, respectful and good faith interactions with each other and the public at all times, maintaining adherence to organizational and departmental core values and beliefs, displaying direct and truthful behavior. 

Provide equitable and honest treatment to all customers.
  • I will provide service in a consistent manner, following established procedures or laws re-lating to the service. Where standard procedures are absent, I will provide service so outcomes are consistent.
  • I will strive for uniformity in service delivery so that service outcomes are consistent.
  • I will be fair and honest in all my activities.
  • I will not retaliate against a customer or co-worker.
 Follow through in a timely manner or as communicated.
  • I will provide an expected timeline for the completion of service.
  • I will communicate within the expected timeline. (Note: Timelines for response will vary by department.)
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality as applicable to Minnesota State laws.
  • I will advise you of any data privacy rights or issues.
  • I will keep protected data private.
Safety: Understanding, encouraging, and carrying out the principles of integrated safety management; complying with and/or overseeing the compliance with safety policies and procedures; completing all required safety training; protecting every individual; taking personal responsibility for safety.

Employees act responsibly and take ownership for their actions.
  • I will assess calls for possible public safety issues and communicate safety precautions regarding the issue to the caller.
  • I will minimize risks to myself and others by completing required safety training, using all personal protective equipment (PPE) provided for my job, and following safety proce-dures.
  • I will follow OSHA rules and other safety guidelines in carrying out my responsibilities.
  • I will keep my work area clean and uncluttered.
 Each department/ area has documented safety procedures for employees and customers.
  • I will know where department safety documents are and be familiar with the safety pro-cedures in them.
  • I will assist fellow employees and customers in following safety procedures in the case of an emergency.
  • I will participate in safety drills.
  • If a call or action is considered a security threat, I will follow City guidelines for Security Threat Response and complete the checklist (orange card).
 Communicate clearly when dealing with emergencies or safety concerns.
  • I will provide specific details when reporting a safety concern.
  • I will report safety concerns to the appropriate person immediately.
Excellence: Acting professionally and responsibly in the delivery of services; accepting accountability for personal actions; continuously improving processes and individual competencies; striving for proficiency and quality. 

Rationale: It is not always possible to be personally responsible for an outcome even when you do everything right (e.g., a fire fighter may follow all the procedures and a building may still burn down). It is possible to be accountable for personal actions.  

Be knowledgeable in my area of responsibility.
  • I will keep my professional skills sharp by participating in staff development and job shadowing opportunities as budgets allow.
  • I will attend and participate in work related meetings; and will avoid distractions.
  • I will read current information pertaining to my responsibilities.
  • I will refer matters beyond my knowledge to someone with appropriate expertise.
 Be professional in my actions, manners and appearance.
  • I will use appropriate language in all forms of communication, verbal and written.
  • I will dress neatly and appropriately for the work being done following department policy.
  • I will use good manners, e.g. please, thank you, excuse me, etc.
  • I will wear my employee name badge (if one is required) and will provide my name to you when you contact me.
 Meet or exceed customer needs for City services.
  • I will assist you immediately upon entering the office or service area, unless I am on the phone or helping someone else. In that case, I will acknowledge you and help you as soon as possible.
  • I will respond to your call or have voice mail pick up the call within 4 rings (note: the op-portunity to leave a voice message is considered responding to a call).
  • I will respond to telephone and email messages in a timely manner (may vary based on work schedules).
  • My recorded message for phone and email will be current and give appropriate contact and availability details.
  • I will focus on one customer at a time when possible.