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Rochester, Minnesota 55904-3701
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Donna Drews Send Message to Donna Drews

Executive Director
Phone: (507) 328-2120

Andy Krogstad Send Message to Andy Krogstad

Managing Director
Phone: (507) 328-2121

David Silker Send Message to David Silker

Director of Facility Operations
Phone: (507) 328-2126

Randy Blake Send Message to Randy Blake

Operations Supervisor
Phone: (507) 328-2124

Laura Woolworth Send Message to Laura Woolworth

Ticket Operations and Marketing Manager
Phone: (507) 328-2127

Matt Esau Send Message to Matt Esau

Director of Sales
Phone: (507) 328-2122

Erin Okins Send Message to Erin Okins

Event Sales Associate
Phone: (507) 328-2123

Joel DesLauriers Send Message to Joel DesLauriers

Director of Audio Visual Services
Phone: (507) 328-2145

TR Wheeler Send Message to TR Wheeler

Director of Event Operations
Phone: (507) 328-2125

Jo Oeltjen Send Message to Jo Oeltjen

Accounting Clerk/Administrative Assistant
Phone: (507) 328-2220