Event Services Coordinator

This Event Service Coordinator works with you and your staff from initial arrangements and throughout the planning process. Your Event Services Coordinator is your principle source of information during the planning process, conveys information to our operating departments, and takes full responsibility for our role in the smooth functioning of your activities.  Most importantly, your Event Services Coordinator is responsible for receiving all event requirements well in advance of your arrival, assuring that your event is well planned and smoothly, efficiently coordinated.

Your Event Coordinator will request:

  • Basic information, facility reservations, written confirmation and Facility Use Permits.
  • Floor plans for exhibit areas and registration lobbies.
  • Meeting room diagrams, capacities, and use schedules
  • Information to be coordinated with other service suppliers such as audio-visual aids, food service, theatrical and production requirements, and your general service contractor.
In short, your Event Coordinator is the key player as you plan your event. To schedule a tour of MCC's facilities, email Event Coordinator