Event Staff

The Mayo Civic Center's Event Staff responsibilities encompass three main areas:

  1. Protection and safety of guests
  2. Public Relations for the entire MCC complex
  3. Guest assistance

Responsibilities are as follows:

Usher Responsibilities

  • Help patrons or guests to their assigned seats
  • Take admission tickets for events
  • Provide information and directions to attendees
  • Keep aisles clear
  • Assist patrons with special needs
  • Act as primary contact for planner during event (head usher)

Security Responsibilities

  • Monitoring back of house, allowing access only for authorized personnel
  • Helping patrons enter/exit designated doors before and after events
  • Enforcing policies such as no outside food/beverage, no cameras, etc
  • Monitoring exhibitor/vendor move in and out
  • Crowd safety and control

Stagehand/Technical Staff Responsibilities

  • Converting the facility over from one event to the next
  • Sound,video and lighting equipment management
  • Customer relations