Reception Guide

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The Mayo Civic Center will tentatively reserve a party/reception room up to 14 months prior to the date of the event, and will confirm an event no earlier than one year (12 months) prior to the date.  At that time, a Use Permit and Booking Acknowledgement will be issued and the event will be considered definite upon receipt of all signed documents and full deposit.  If the User wishes to cancel a fully executed Use Permit within 7 – 12 months prior to the event date, User will receive a 50% refund of deposits received.  If User cancels within 6 months prior to the event date, User will forfeit 100% of deposits received.

Your Reservation
Upon definite confirmation of your reservation, the assigned room is yours for the day from 7:00am to 12 Midnight.  If this same room is available (not reserved) the day before, you may begin decorating early.  Due to subsequent events, it is necessary for you to remove all decorations and specialty items immediately following your event unless you have made arrangements for storage with the Civic Center’s Event Coordinator.  The Mayo Civic Center assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items before, during, or after your event.

Room Deposit
For events confirming 7 – 12 months prior to the date, 50% of the total estimated charges will be required as a deposit and must accompany your fully executed Use Permit.  The remaining 50% must be paid 1 month prior to the date.  For events confirming within 6 months prior to the date, 100% of the total estimated charges is required. 

Damage Deposit
A minimum deposit of $300 will be required for all private parties.  The Mayo Civic Center reserves the right to modify this amount if necessary.  The damage deposit will be returned upon completion of the event unless:

  1. Damage or vandalism to property occurs
  2. Guests smoke indoors
  3. Unapproved food and/or beverages are brought in
  4. Additional cleanup is necessary (i.e. confetti, glitter, excessive trash)
In addition, a valid credit card number is required for payment of incidental event-day charges.  Credit card will be pre-authorized 1 week prior to the event start date for an amount not less than $500.  Any unused portion of this authorization may remain on the User’s credit card account according to the policies of the issuing banks.  MCC will not make use of any portion of this authorization without first notifying the User of such charges.

All activities must end at or before 12 midnight.  All guests should vacate the building no later than 12:30am and party organizers by 1:00am.

The Mayo Civic Center does not require the User to hire security for events ending at or before 12 midnight.  Exceptions may apply, and on occasion, an off-duty police officer will be required.  The Mayo Civic Center does require a member of its usher staff be on-site to direct guests, answer questions, and assist with emergencies.  The cost of the usher is included in the rental package pricing listed below, however all charges for police and/or other security services are extra.

Audio-Visual Equipment
Please contact the Civic Center’s Event Services Coordinator for a listing of equipment and pricing.

Liquor Service
All alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, champagne, hard liquor, etc.) must be provided by the Mayo Civic Center.

The Mayo Civic Center is a smoke-free facility.

Most often, table linens and table skirting are provided by the caterer.  If your caterer does not provide this service, you are welcome to rent supplies from a vendor or purchase disposable items. 

Rental Rates 

  • Grand Ballroom (maximum 280 people)                 Rent $1,100
  • Riverview Suites C & D (maximum 220 people)       Rent $950
See Reception Guide printable download (top of page) for more information.
Additional pricing is available for larger groups. Please contact the Mayo Civic Center for details.  

Catering Services
All food and beverages must be provided by Mayo Civic Center Hospitality or one of the Civic Center’s approved caterers.  This includes punch, coffee, soda, and snack foods.  Wedding cakes are exempt from this policy.

Mayo Civic Center Hospitality Menu
Please contact Mayo Civic Center Hospitality at 507-328-2172 or for more information.

Approved Caterers (subject to change without notice)
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Service Fee
All approved caterers are required to collect a 15% service fee based on the gross catering charges of any given event.  This fee is paid to the Mayo Civic Center and is used to defray expenses for cleaning, electricity, ice, refrigeration, etc.

Soft Drink Requirements
The Mayo Civic Center has an exclusive agreement with Pepsi Cola of Rochester, and all caterers are required to use their products.  All soft drinks, energy drinks, and bottled water must be purchased from Pepsi Cola of Rochester.        

All Prices effective January 1 – December 31, 2014 and subject to change without notice.