Enhancing Attendee Experience with Event Tech

event tech improvements

Optimizing the attendee experience has quickly shot to the top of nearly every meeting planner’s to-do list. And few things are more important in creating and improving on that experience than the technology that supports it.

That’s why at the Mayo Civic Center we have taken such care to make technology advances and upgrades a priority in our convention center expansion efforts. In addition to a beautiful new ballroom and several new flexible spaces for meetings and exhibits, planners and organizers can expect state-of-the-art technology improvements that will not only improve the experience for attendees, but make life a little easier on the people behind the scenes. So here’s a look at what’s in store.


Video & Data Projection

Both the new ballroom and meeting/event rooms will be equipped with permanent screens and high-definition (HD) projectors that have been sized perfectly for the space to provide the best possible experience. With multiple projector input/output locations, organizers have a high degree of flexibility to configure each room in a way that works best for the needs of their event and attendees.

The addition of these new permanent fixtures and flexible configuration options also mean that organizers not only realize cost-savings in both equipment rental and labor fees, but are relieved of the hassle involved with securing third-party services for A/V.

Sound Proofing

Bad acoustics are a quick way to ruin an event. But as part of our expansion efforts, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure perfectly optimized sound quality throughout the facility. Distributed speakers that provide even sound coverage in all areas is a start, but this is an undertaking that goes far beyond just speaker placement and carpeting.

Under the direction of a professional acoustician, each space has been designed to be lively enough to provide excellent sound quality that can be effectively contained as to not disturb other events. It’s a difference you’re not likely to see (thanks to acoustic panels that blend in with the walls), but will definitely be noticed.

venue-wifiStronger Wi-Fi

Right at the top of any organizers technology wish-list: stronger, faster, better Wi-Fi. Check, check, check! The addition of 350 new internet access points means Wi-Fi access throughout the facility will be able to reliably support more people at higher-bandwidth.

Digital Displays

Outside all new spaces, digital monitors will display the day’s agenda. In addition to creating a more user-friendly facility that is easier for attendees and guests to navigate, these new digital display screens also allow organizers to present additional opportunities to sponsors and advertisers.

Contact Us

These technology updates and improvements are just the beginning! For more information about the comprehensive list of upgrades involved with our expansion, please contact me. If you’re interested in discussing options and availability for hosting your next event at the Mayo Civic Center, please contact Nick Landry, vice president of sales, at nlandry@minnesotasrochester.com or 507-424-0818.  We look forward to serving you!