Hot Trends & Tips for Wedding Flowers

tips for wedding flowers

Wedding and engagement season is upon us and, as always, we welcome the flurry of activity it brings to our venue. With all the bridal parties and planners we work with this time of year, we know that every couple is on the lookout for new and unique ways to make their big day a beautiful and memorable event for all – with bonus points for doing it without breaking the bank!

Floral arrangements are the best (and often most cost-effective!) way to make a big statement and truly transform a space. So with the help of one of Rochester’s most popular and long-standing florists, here’s a look at what’s hot in wedding reception flowers and centerpieces and how you can manage to save a few bucks AND host the downtown wedding reception of your dreams!

Floral Favorites


According to Andrea Renning Junge of Renning’s Flowers, today’s brides and grooms are holding tight to perennial wedding favorites like hydrangeas, peonies and garden roses. “A lot of people still love these traditional picks,” said Renning Junge. “But we’re also starting to get requests for more unusual arrangements that feature lesser-known treasures like succulents.”

Color-wise, Renning Junge says coral and peach remain en vogue but there’s a more subdued shade on the horizon. “We’re coordinating with a lot of navy color schemes this year,” said Renning Junge.

Table Tango

For over a decade, you’d be hard-pressed to find a wedding reception in Rochester or anywhere else that didn’t feature round tables and a prominent head table. But our own experience indicates that the reign of the round table may be at an end. Renning Junge concurs:

“A lot of people are mixing it up with table shapes and sizes. We’re also seeing a move away from the traditional head table toward more intimate sweetheart tables for the bride and groom.”

For longer, banquet-style set ups or tables of varied shapes and sizes, Renning Junge recommends romantic and flowy garlands with single-stem bud vases spaced between larger, taller pieces.

“We always suggest doing a few styles to mix things up,” said Renning Junge. “A little something different at each table gives the eye new places to look. It also photographs beautifully!”

Budget-Savvy Stems

Another up-and-coming trend in wedding flowers doubles as a great way to keep costs down according to Renning Junge, “Using whatever is local and in season is always a good idea. You’re obviously going to pay more for flowers that aren’t readily available in your location. It’s a great way to support local growers, as well.”


A few additional ideas from Renning Jung for budget-conscious floral arrangements include:

  • Reusing flowers from the ceremony for the reception (bridesmaids’ bouquets for the head table, as an example)
  • Filling in less elaborate arrangements with supplementary items like feathers or antique jewelry
  • Renting vases or other décor accents like candleholders and mirrors from a local rental company instead of buying new

Whether your reception’s in Minnesota, Manhattan or Miami, these money-saving tips will save you a bundle on wedding flowers!

Getting Married?

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