2017 will be remembered as a significant year in the Mayo Civic Center’s history, and the center recently released its Annual Report summarizing the year’s exciting accomplishments and progress.

“The completion of our new convention center facilities in spring of 2017 opened the doors to many new and exciting opportunities,” said Matt McCollom, Chair of the Mayo Civic Center Commission. The convention center expansion added a spacious new ballroom and 16 new meeting rooms. Several existing venues were also renovated, including Dr. Charles H. Mayo Presentation Hall.

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McCollom notes that the Annual Report provides a snapshot of the new clients that were attracted to the Mayo Civic Center because of its expanded and improved venues. The report also includes information about the strong economic impact generated by Mayo Civic Center, high customer satisfaction levels, growth in sales at the center, a financial snapshot showing a fund balance of $110,000 after lodging tax support, and an overview of the new public art sculpture installed on the center’s Riverfront Plaza.

  • New clients: New clients that committed to Mayo Civic Center in 2017 and hosted their events in early 2018 included (among others): the American Spinal Injury Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting, the International Behavioral and Neural Genetics Society Annual Meeting, and the upcoming Botany 2018: Thriving With Diversity Conference, which will draw 2,000 attendees to Rochester.
  • Strong economic impact: Mayo Civic Center generatedan economic impact on the community of $45.6 million in 2017, an increase of 20% from the previous year. MCC’s events were the catalyst for attendees to spend dollars in the community, eat in local restaurants, stay in local hotels, and shop in local retail stores.


  • High customer satisfaction: Client surveys from 2017 showed an overall customer satisfaction rating of 92.8%.
  • Growth in sales: The center enjoyed a strong year in sales in 2017. The center’s sales of $3.6 million in 2017 exceeded the center’s 2017 sales goals of $3.4 million. Experience Rochester (formerly the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau) is responsible for the sales and marketing of MCC. Sales numbers represent events occurring in 2017 or any future year.


  • Public art sculpture: In December, 2017, artist Po Shu Want oversaw the installation of his much-anticipated interactive public art sculpture on the center’s Riverfront Plaza. The sculpture has become a conversation-starter for community members and events attendees.

2017 was an exciting year that established Mayo Civic Center’s position as a premier destination for larger and more varied types of meetings, conventions, and consumer show, McCollom notes. “The progress we made in promoting our new convention venues to prospective clients in 2017 set the stage for increased bookings and projected higher revenues at the Mayo Civic Center in 2018,” McCollom said. “We took a leap forward with the completion of our convention center expansion in 2017, and now our focus turns to meeting or exceeding our revenue targets, operating efficiently, and providing exceptional customer service.”

Click here to view the full 2017 annual report.