Popular Quinceanera Themes & Decor

quinceanera decorating tips

As a high-capacity downtown venue with close proximity to several of the area’s best hotels, restaurants and attractions, the Mayo Civic Center is a top choice for milestone celebrations like Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s and Quinceaneras. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of helping numerous families coordinate and plan these kind of special events and have been fortunate to pick up a few tricks along the way. Today, I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learned about Quinceanera party planning in particular because when a party’s been 15 years in the making, the pressure to deliver can be punishing!

Princesses, Fairytales, Sparkles, Oh My!

quinceanera themes

Before any real plans can be made (aside from booking the Quince hall!), the young lady of honor has to settle on her theme. This is the decision from which all décor choices descend and for the last several years, the princess-vibe has had a lock on the most popular QX theme award.

Faribault, MN-based Quinceanera decorator, Ana Quintero, agrees that fairytale themes dominate (which makes perfect sense!) but says even more than their desire to live-out their royal dreams, more and more girls want a Quince that is uniquely theirs. “They surprise me,” said Quintero. I’ve done everything from butterflies to the Nightmare Before Christmas!”

In my experience, some of the best and most unique Quinceanera theme ideas are an extension of the girls’ own interests and personalities. A Nintendo theme for a girl obsessed with video games, for example. Favorite sports, favorite books, favorite colors; all of these are great ideas around which to build a beautiful Quince theme.

Details & Décor

Once you’ve settled on a proper theme, then comes the fun part! The most elaborate Quinceanera celebrations sometimes rival wedding receptions in terms of décor: floral centerpieces, professional backdrops, red carpets – you name it! But you don’t have to break the bank to design a beautiful Quinceanera.

Here’s a few of the best money-saving 15era decorating tips I’ve seen our own clients use to create a memorable event on a reasonable budget:

  • ceiling decorBalloons are a girl’s best friend! Much cheaper than flowers, balloons can be used to great effect in centerpieces or as backdrops. A balloon archway is a particularly great way to set the stage for a big entrance.
  • Some fabric and/or strands of lights draped along the ceiling goes a LONG way in adding ambiance to a room!
  • If you are going to use flowers as décor, steal a tip from my last post and use local, seasonal flowers, which can be had for much less than anything that has to be shipped in. Also, select flowers with large blooms vs. small delicate petals so you can get a fuller look with less.
  • Use curtains of iridescent streamers or colored beads to make a beautiful backdrop or entryway at very little cost.
  • And finally, my favorite tip is to use platters of colorful pastries as centerpieces as a practical, pretty and delicious alternative to flowers.

Getting Started

If you’re in the midst of planning a Quinceanera, I hope you’ll find some of what I’ve shared useful. If you’re in the midst of planning a Quinceanera in the Rochester area, I hope you’ll consider hosting at the Mayo Civic Center! To schedule a tour or check availability, please contact Mary Britt via email or by phone at 800-634-8277 ex. 106. Happy planning!