Many dance groups--including Just For Kix, RADIX, NUVO, Celebrity Dance, Headliners, West Coast Dance Explosion, and others--are choosing the center as their competition site, with winning results. Here’s why:


  1. Wow-worthy Venues. Mayo Civic Center’s modern, flexible venues received high marks from event organizers for Just For Kix, which recently held a large national competition at the center. “Our three-day ‘Together We Dance’ national competition at Mayo Civic Center was a huge success, and we heard many compliments from our attendees,” said Joel Clough of Just For Kix. “The size of the center was perfect and the building had that ‘wow’ factor.”
  2. Tailored Staging. Another advantage of the center is that dance competition organizers can customize their staging according to their specific needs, said Jay Gunnarson, a sales manager with Experience Rochester MN who works with Mayo Civic Center dance clients. Smaller dance groups may choose to use the center’s performing hall with a permanent stage, while larger groups can have a bigger, temporary stage constructed in the center’s exhibit hallauditorium, or arena. Dance groups can bring in their own staging equipment, or contract with the center to provide it.  
  3. High Production Value. High-quality lighting, sound, and special effects are also extremely important elements that amp up the energy level, excitement, and overall enjoyment of dance competitions for dancers and spectators. Because Mayo Civic Center hosts a steady stream of major entertainment and sports events—from rock and pop concerts to NCAA tournaments—the center is equipped with sophisticated capabilities and equipment, and the center’s staff knows how to put on a great show. “It’s amazing how the venues at Mayo Civic Center can be transformed for dance competitions,” said Jay Fanta, a sales manager for Rochester MN Sports who works with Just For Kix on their national event. “The environment for dance events is amazing, especially since a major expansion and renovation of Mayo Civic Center was completed in 2017.”radix2018resizedforblog
  4. Onsite Concessions. Dancers and their families know that it is sometimes difficult to get out of the competition venue for a bite to eat. To meet the need for convenient snacks and meals, Mayo Civic Center provides multiple onsite concession centers and a pop-up café, if dance groups request it. “When dancers and their families want to stay onsite to eat, we can offer a great café with sandwiches, salads, and more,” Gunnarson said.
  5. Safe, Walkable & Convenient City. Visitor surveys show that Rochester, MN’s top advantages are the city’s safety, cleanliness, and friendliness. All of these add up to a family-friendly environment for young dancers and their families. Also, Mayo Civic Center is connected via skyways and underground walkways to dozens of hotels, restaurants, and stores, so dancers and their families don’t have to walk outside in cold or rainy weather. According to Joel Clough from Just For Kix: “The hotels connected to the Civic Center through the skyways were a huge plus for families that were coming in from outside of the area. The food and lodgings options are endless and that helped us in deciding to hold such a large event in the Rochester area.”
  6. Knowledgeable & Accommodating Staff. Last but not least, the staff of Mayo Civic Center is experienced and dedicated. With more than 300 events per year under their direction, the center’s event services coordinators and managers are known for their “can-do” attitudes and commitment to creating an outstanding experience for dance groups and organizers of dance events. “We’re hosting a lot of dance groups these days, and the Mayo Civic Center staff understands and can even anticipate their unique needs,” Gunnarson said. “I hear over and over that the Mayo Civic Center staff will go above and beyond the call of duty for you.”

Interested in hosting a dance event at Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN? Contact Jay Gunnarson,