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Beauty and Cosmetics

IN: A bridal look that's always in is a softer makeup palate of blush and pink tones, with a lighter smoky eye shadow that opens the eye. Or for a more adventurous and daring bride, it's the glam and red lip and darker tones of eye shadow. The traditional up-do hairstyle is coming back in, but in a softer, looser and romantic fashion. 

OUT: Long hair with extremely long hair extensions. There’s no need to compete with the length of the veil. Bold and bright colored nail polish is also out. Think light neutral tones of blush or light grey.

Bridal Gowns

IN: Illusion fabrics are setting the pace for what’s in. Illusion sleeves, shoulders and backs continue to evolve and are very much in fashion. These gowns are complemented by plunging necklines and sides. Keep an eye out for long, flowing caps – and since the royal wedding featured a very long 12 to 15-foot Monarch veil, you can expect long veils to be in with modified tiaras and hair pieces. Also look for simply stated or embroidered bodices and skirts.BRIDAL-GOWNS Claire-Pettibone-Santorini-0142

OUT: Sparkly and glitzy gowns are out.

Bridesmaid Attire

IN: Long gowns with flowing chiffon are in, lending themselves to a more formal look with sweep trains.

OUT: Shopping for a bridesmaid’s gown or dress “as long as it’s a certain color” and different lengths.

Men’s Attire

IN: Formality is coming back in style for men with a more tapered and slimmer-fit tuxedos. Blue suits remain in style.

OUT: Skinny knit ties are on the way out, as are colored vests.


IN: Wanting a cake-cutting experience – whether it’s a tall, multi-tier cake or a torte size cake – is in again. Simple cakes are all the rage, thanks in part to the Royal Wedding. Cupcakes, donuts, s’more bars and overall dessert buffets are still in for an added feature or late-night snack.

OUT: Those same cupcakes, donuts and s’more bars are out as a standalone replacement for a cake cutting.


IN: A wedding designer who can help tell your story is in. Designers who create your authentic wedding are in.

OUT: A wedding planner who checks off a to-do list is out – or those who select a Pinterest wedding.


IN: Light continues to be in for transforming space. Creative flower centerpieces, table linens and specialty chairs are also in.

OUT: Chair covers and bags are out, as well as chair sashes and bows.


FlLOWERS joy-photo-2IN: Bridal bouquets are a bit larger now, with a loose and freshly picked garden style. The use of long wide streamers in chiffon or satin makes for great movement when walking down the aisle so they are in. Floral crowns are in, but should only be reserved for flower girls unless you’re trying to achieve that boho look.

OUT: Tight, round, structured bouquets and centerpieces are out.


IN: Color, foiled, laser-cut, creative designs in thick card stock, and interesting materials such as wood and metal are in, as are calligraphy-addressed envelopes.

OUT: The use of printer labels for addressing envelopes and return addresses for RSVPs is out. Having gift registry information on the invitation is out.


IN: Film is coming back in style. It is not, however, replacing digital. Allowing the photographer to tag along on your wedding gown shopping is in.

OUT: What is and should always be out is allowing your friends to photograph your wedding because they have a digital camera. Star cross filter and cameos are out – ask your parents.


IN: Video storytelling in a cinematic format is extremely romantic and in. Drone technology is in and brought videography for weddings to a higher level of filmmaking.

OUT: Allowing your uncle to capture the day so that you can barely hear the vows being said.

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By The Wedding Guys
Photo Credit: Joy Photography

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