Community Vaccination Clinic Information
The Mayo Civic Center is proud to support our community as a Community Vaccination Clinic. For more information on the vaccination clinic, click read more. Read More
Mayo Civic Center hosts conventions and events in downtown Rochester MN

4 Ways to Support Rochester, MN

Download the NEW ROCH STRONG App This is a volunteer efforts, in particular, that is worth highlighting at this moment. In less than 48 hours, a small team of individuals has put together a new web-based application that allows users to: And — you might appreciate this the most — find which…

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The Community Cares: 65th Eagles Cancer Telethon

Rochester, Minnesota’s phenomenal culture of caring is on full display one weekend in January every year, when Mayo Civic Center proudly hosts the 5 th District Eagles Cancer Telethon. Celebrating its 65 th year on Jan. 19-20, 2019, the 5 th District Eagles Cancer Telethon is the longest locally-run…

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